The Route to Your Perfect Fitted Bedroom.


Beautiful high quality fitted wardrobes with a choice of sliding, hinged or bi-fold doors, made to measure locally by experts. You may choose from our comprehensive range designed to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether it is a fitted wardrobe, a hallway closet, a home office or a fully fitted bedroom, Bloomsbury can transform your home, adding style and value.



Bloomsbury will work with you to arrange everything just the way you want it. We will help you design it to be a good looking and functional, as well as a practical place to make use of all the storage space available.



Our range of hinged wardrobes is available in 23 styles and 35 colours, with over 80 handles to cater for all tastes. That makes a staggering choice of 805 different designs for you to choose from. We can design a wardrobe for you that will give you exactly the look that you want to achieve - modern, traditional, contemporary - you tell us and we'll design it with you!


Sloping ceilings are no problem, as we can build our wardrobes with angled doors to fit the space available. Furthermore, our angled doors are fitted with hinges that allow them to open all the way round, so enabling good access to the interior.


Bi-Fold Door Wardrobesare made of a “frameless” style, where the frame around the mirror is hardly seen when the doors are pulled closed. They offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to an area with limited space for wardrobe doors.

Sliding doors can be made as multi panel doors, using a mixture of mirrors, plain, frosted or coloured glass, and panels.

Hanging rails can be fitted to provide long hanging for garments such as dresses and coats, with double rails to make short hanging for shirts and blouses.



Pull down rails are ideal for tall ceilings, where the clothes can be brought down for easy access, which also gives more storage space at the bottom of the wardrobe.



Drawers inside a wardrobe are great for stowing things away, while open shelves make good storage spaces for the more bulky items.



Shoe racks are an ideal way of getting shoes off the floor and tidying up the bottom of a wardrobe. They can be either fixed or pull out, depending on the amount of shoes and the space available.



Trouser rails provide a sensible solution to keeping trousers neatly folded whilst maximising space. They simply pull out from the wardrobe so that you can select the pair required.



Tie and belt rails work in exactly the same way, and are usually attached to the side or central partition of the wardrobe.



On hinged wardrobes a full length mirror can be fixed to the back of a wardrobe door, to check things over before the wardrobe is closed up.



Our accessories range is suitable for use with both hinged and sliding wardrobes, since all wardrobes are available in all of our colours.


Bedroom Stools - there are 3 designs - Square, Classic and Modern, which has metal legs.


Headboards - a wide range of headboards is available to suit all styles. The 4 main designs - Arched, Classic, Gothic and Traditional can be supplemented by using any door style and mounting that as a headboard.



Beds - complete beds are made to match your new fitted bedroom. They are made in 3 designs - Capri, Florentine & Milan. The difference is in the type of legs and floor mountings used. All are available in all of our colours. Beds are supplied without mattresses, so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.



Mirrors - whether for wall mounting or standing on a dressing table, we have a mirror for the purpose! As well as the traditional styles, any door can have the centre removed and a mirror fitted. This can then be mounted wherever its needed, as a plain mirror in a frame or with pilasters either side as a complete unit.



Shelves - to suit the requirement they can be solid boards or toughened glass. Our selection of shelf brackets sets any of these off neatly.



Blanket Boxes - all of our door styles can be used in the manufacture of blanket boxes. A useful item to have in the room for storing away bulky items that are needed on a regular basis.


Solid Wood Doors

A wide variety of solid wood doors is on offer, from lighter coloured Maple, to Oak and darker Walnut.

All the doors are beautifully finished to really show off the natural grain and sheen of the wood.

The doors shown are single panel, as are used for smaller cupboards. In use as a larger wardrobe door, two panels would be incorporated into the design, as shown in our Hinged Door section.

They are manufactured in any of the following woods: Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pine and Walnut.

Natural wood doors can be stained to any colour or shade, all that is needed is a sample or colour swatch.

The painted wood doors can be finished in any colour to suit the design requirements. All we need are a colour sample or a RAL number.


Lighting can have a variety of uses, the two most important for a wardrobe are to illuminate the interior when the doors are open, and to show off the exterior with lighting across the front. With this in mind we have illuminated hanging rails and strip lights for the interior, and a selection of lights to give a great effect to the wardrobe frontage.


A "wow" factor for more modern designs is a light strip that runs around the base of the wardrobes and cabinets at skirting level, giving a concealed light effect to the floor, various colours can be fitted.


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Payment Terms for Bedrooms: A deposit of between 25% and 50% (depends on size of order) is taken when your order is placed, the balance of the wardrobe cost excluding the fitting cost is paid prior to delivery, this should be a few days before delivery so payment is cleared. Once payment is received we will contact you to confirm the delivery date. Payment for fitting is 50% on commencement and 50% on completion.


Lead times: Currently lead times for all furniture is 4 weeks or 20 working days from confirmation of order or confirmation of special sizes during an installation.

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